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“I really love being able to bring you these wonderful products! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Add them to your life for that terrific sense of peace and comfort”


Lilumia 2 New York BUNDLE

The Lumina Brush Cleaner is Magic

Lilumia™ 2: The World’s Best-Selling Makeup Brush Cleaner

Lilumia 2 New York (9663490310)
Matte Black Lilumia Device. Now comes with a stronger motor, enhanced wash cycle, additional rinse cycle, and an improved base design.

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Love these items, aromatherapy just makes life so much better! Relax and breathe! Time for Meditation! 

Home and office diffusers – of course!

Aroma1: Essential Oil Diffuser (9423700654)
The Aroma1 is an essential oil diffuser that humidifies and ionizes the air with scented hydration. Create a therapeutic effect on your body and an aromatic environment in your home.


Dryer Essential Oils! How fantastic!

Dryer Essential Oils optimum for relaxation! Try these today

Natural Dryer Combo: Bergamot, Lavender & Lemon Essential Oils + Eco-Fluffs (9423957722)
This combo comes with 3 essential oils (Bergamot, Lemon & Lavender) & 2 Eco-Fluffs wool dryer balls (1,000 loads).






Made from wool and allergy-free, you can do your laundry the natural way.

Eco-Fluffs: Wool Dryer Balls (9423897862)
Eco-Fluffs are a 100% natural way to make drying your laundry more efficient and effective. Made from wool and allergy-free, you can do your laundry the natural way.









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