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A lot has happened in the past months. There has never been a greater need for people to manage their inner thoughts, beliefs and values. This fall we are launching a series of ZOOM Classes enhancing the skills of our many Practitioners that work in this field, as well, as making these available as single programs to help you! Join us this fall for individual classes; private coaching, and targeted sessions all delivered via ZOOM Classroom at affordable price points Contact me for more information today! 604-421-1722

Anxiety, Tension, Stress, Worry and Depression

We are in unprecedented times; the things we focused on at the start of 2020 have radically shifted for everyone. Safety, health and wellbeing are at the forefront of every decision we consider. The experts suggest expecting more of the same is in wise preparation. Using NLP & Hypnosis we can help you radically shift old patterns and create new strategies that serve you no matter what the future holds. Call me today, and if you have extended coverages we can provide receipts for insurers.

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Whenever you encounter these vast opportunities to engage your true self, always remember any information given here is designed to help you make informed decisions about your body, mind, spirit and ultimate well-being. Any suggestions for specific foods, nutritional supplements, exercise and mindful practices are never intended to replace appropriate or necessary medical care. Before starting any new program always see your physician. If you have specific medical symptoms consult your physician immediately. If any recommendations given in this program contradict your physicians’ advice, be sure to consult him or her before proceeding. Your ultimate well-being is of the highest importance and it's yours to protect, always.