Elevated Radio – A Ways of the Wise Woman Interview with Kathy

 It was an up and down day, after witnessing Jody Wilson-Raybould’s courage and grace under fire this week, and  feeling so proud to be a Canadian woman, to then learn Canada was third in the world for negative hate comments towards another (and it’s coming mostly from women?) Meghan Markle who is both pregnant and exhibiting grace under fire herself – Canada was third in the world to her own country who led these attacks, and  again, mostly from Women? If we will have a different world for our daughters and granddaughters, women must lead the way This is NOT THE WAY

Projections on the outside indicate our MAP on the inside is in need of change. If we take a page from our former Attorney General, Jody Wildon Raybould, exhibiting not only Grace under fire but power and courage too; these are women who lead the way. If we want to be the leaders of the change we seek in the world then we need to check these petty behaviours. Just because others do it, just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.

The one thing I know about women is WE don’t like to be left behind and we are in danger of missing this rising tide of greatness in women today. Rise with the Tide – lift your inner values to be supportive of women carrying a great load for all of us.

MM is setting the bar high in her life and demonstrating that grace for all.

There is a generalized assumption, as we project on others our personal MAP of the world and make them WRONG when they don’t match up to our inner projections. We assume this  is how they do things in their own mind and it’s really about ourselves. Unravelling these inner Maps is the work I do with clients, both as coaching models and one on one private sessions. The inner projection is the place we start when looking for the all-important response to “what do I want”.

These days we are witnessing the landscape of the inner feminine suffering and then collapsing on itself in depression, anxiety and challenging self-destructive behaviours.  Yes, it’s been happening for centuries, millenniums, however, today we really face the need for women to step into their personal place of power and personal integrity. I start with my first question:  – who am I? What’s important to me? If I don’t know what those answers are, can I stop the drama long enough to go get someone to help me listen to my own soul’s direction?

And that is the focus of my coaching program along with programs that interrupt eating disorders and help women reconnect to their deeper purpose in life. It starts with stopping, it starts with knowing who you are and what you want.

Join me for a look at where women find themselves today when reaching for inner courage, strength and personal integrity – they find the essence of true Grace there to support them.


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