The Game Changer - Audacious - Forward Looking - Daring - Original

As we take the responsibility of making the choice, of course, it's not easy, and the choice won't define us either, it's in the fact that we choose it, that does. It’s the journey to the deep self and yes it can be terrifying, When we get it’s us, we begin to unpack what was never important to us in the first place. A passage naturally follows any decision to choose the heroine's way. This Aloneness is the place where we encounter the deep and wise self, which may change the course we are on, towards what has meaning, purpose and real value to us. This is the Game Changer the relationship that comes along and turns everything upside down. It's the relationship that changes the familiar landscape of life, rearranging the furniture in new and unexpected ways. ... a moment a time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action: the opportune and decisive moment of Now. Are you ready?

Anxiety marks the distance between the Ego & the Deep Self

Like a great crack in an ancient mirror, a door falls from its hinges; the locking out of the inner self will be no more. As we stand at the crossroads of our own deep longing, armed with limited possessions; we cannot return, there is no "back", a "forward" doesn't seem viable either, now a 90-degree turn presents... Can we forfeit being "right" in favour of recognizing the events as the non-issue they truly are?

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