10 Top Tips for Christmas “Unusual”

1: Make peace with IT… acceptance…this is what is, it’s what we must do, so let’s get a new strategy instead of resistance because that is just exhausting!

2: Keep it SIMPLE… Invite the conversation with MOM and DAD and the FAM – and let people know… this needs a conversation with those that might be missing you… what can we do instead?

3: Expect that ZOOM and SKYPE will be busy on Christmas Day, and also on Boxing Day, and maybe on Christmas Eve too. if you don’t connect in those moments – plan to connect later in the week – let’s not plan for disappointment, let’s interrupt it before it starts!

4: Get everyone on board to follow the rules, because this means we all get together again in the New Year – and I’m not repeating the RULES because I’m sick of hearing them too, still we have to pay attention now

5: Check all GUILT and REGRET into the LOW VIBRATION emotions and just stop it – It’s just ONE Christmas after all. Who knows, we might actually LIKE THIS!

6: Plan to use the time for something for yourself. Maybe learn meditation, download some e-books, or even get a stack together to read through in front of your Christmas Tree.

7: DO put up your lights and tree. Contribute to the merriment – eggnog or two, while you do…It creates a state of joyfulness – and you contribute to the Return of the Light both inside and out

8: Let’s talk about the Mindset of Gratitude. Really. As we celebrate Christmas this year many have said goodbye to loved ones. Can we hold them in our hearts with Gratitude? love and blessings as they are on their way, with our love.

9: This Christmas the kids can stay at home and wake to Santa having found them at their own address! They don’t have to rush to open gifts to get somewhere for dinner! They get the whole day to be at home – and no one is coming over either! Relaxed and calm – may be a first!

10: Let’s face it, Christmas Traditions are created one experience at a time. Maybe this year…some new traditions will be formed. Remember to donate to the food banks, and give to the Salvation Army, and remember to say Merry Christmas from your heart…even to strangers!


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