When you put “trust in jeopardy”…

Broken Trust….is an apology enough?

What have we learned about “trusting” our leadership?

Confucius was asked,  What do you need for good government Weapons, food & Trust,  if you have to give up weapons first, then secondly food, and preserve trust, because, without trust, we cannot stand

How much trust is there in the leadership, the organization, the one we put our faith in?

Trust components, the dimensions of trust:

The 4 cores of Trust, integrity, capability, results in issues, behaviours, transparency, measure these

            Is trust low?

            Is the intent, self-serving?

            Do they talk the game, but don’t deliver?

To begin to shift this, creating common language and dialogue, if your listeners have already heard the truth elsewhere you need to update your own dialogue

           Change the behaviour – the trust needle moves – continue with the arrogant entitlement and we have to move on

Finally, you can measure the levels of distrust in this organization and you can do this through best practices.

  • There is a compelling business strategy for trust
  • Creation of trust provides an explicit objective
  • Increasing credibility, capability and following
  • Improving and increasing trusting behaviours
  • Measure and measure all the way along, the baseline, and measure the improvements
  • The soft topic of trust becomes tangible, an asset; a skill in the government and one that can be emulated
  • Trust is a learnable competency, it has a value that is intrinsic to the whole country
  • You can move the needle on this by following a strategy of improving your measurable trust behaviours
  • Especially in these tough times, we need trust first without it, we cannot stand.

Trust means agreement – just trust me….Not at all, it doesn’t work that way, lost trust is often the most difficult to get back, trust is a value, a core value, and holds a different meaning for each individual, however, when it’s missing, things don’t move and a government must move to achieve it’s objectives, to be trusted by its people

Increasing trust – “here’s what I’m doing to increase trust between us”, so when our leaders take responsibility for creating trust, then we can make some great strides in our own process too