The Practice of Presence

Mindful Presence changes everything…


Yes, everything!

Join me this fall, and make this practice your new way of life.

We keep hearing about the “shift” we are in right now, what does that really mean to each of us? My inquiry had me looking back to uncover authentic women of our past, and listening with new ears to the women of today.

My primary focus has been on the language used itself! How are words and thoughts creating my experience? Am I aware of the Thoughts I think, the story I share about my experience? What changes when I bring awareness to the frequency of my thoughts when considered from the Heart? Are you aware, your heart only speaks in Present Time?

How are we equipped to make this shift through all that is coming at us right now?

What tools do I have to make this shift?  It just seems so chaotic …but is it really? 

I started on the path of Mindful Meditation some 30 years ago now, when a ZEN Buddhist Monk moved in next door to us in Toronto. It was right after my mother had passed and I was really struggling as a new mom considering my life without my own mother and that my little daughter would never know her grandmother. I was in a very challenging mindset, and it would take some miracles to make the shift.

This ZEN Buddhist Monk had two degrees in psychology and a doctorate in philosophy. He’d been to India, and he handed me a book “The Three Pillars of Zen”. He had no advice for me, no comments or recommendations as to how to navigate the current terrain of my experience. Just a book – which I still have today.

At that time, people referred to the concepts of Meditation as some eastern religious practice. Buddhist and certainly other than my Christian family practice. Still, I decided to pay attention and found a Yoga Class which launched me into Breathwork and easing the body, and so many other studies in Energy Systems and mindful practices followed.

Science has caught up today…Meditation & Mindful practices are now touted as the best form of de-stressing the mind/body and who knew, we had this all along!

What is possible now?  Are we ready to take on this new terrain?

Remember this was all just a religious practice before science measured its output. Of course, when I started, science didn’t have the ability to measure the brain waves the way we can today.

Racing alongside society’s advancing Anxiety and Stress – the measurement of the Allostatic Load on the nervous system and the exploding Amygdala – we were learning a whole new language of the brain…and it’s connected to Language and how language drives emotions!

Our words are the only words we really ever listen to. 

First, we hear something, then we repeat it to self, then we either accept or reject its validity. Either way, WE have just spoken the words to self. Our inner narrator is always on, always translating language, body language, facial expressions, and it’s all being translated through our emotional state. And that inner narrator is responsible for feeding tone, tempo, pace, intension, function – all of it!

What about your life experiences? The stories you tell people about your life and the adventures you have been on?

Are they high drama, impact and rigged for maximum charges like our favourite books and movies? Are they shared from a place of Victim or Victor? Have you seen your life as a series of limitations and lack?

Or are you the champion of your life experiences or the heroine in need of rescue?

Many of us will claim “oh I’m a champion for sure”.  Do LISTEN to your stories the next time you share one with a friend or a family member. Especially something you are “worrying” about, or it’s not resolved yet. Those more often than not, are the places we meddle with our outcome.

It pretty much comes down to this: do you want to “let it go now”? Worry energy doesn’t solve anything, in fact, it just muddles the mind with more chaotic thoughts and dramatic outcome scenarios. But how do we stop it? We are in fact, worried about that outcome?

Yes, it’s a “choice point” and we are all here right now. And daily we get more and more intensity coming at us and recognizing it’s not just happening in our community, it’s happening globally to everyone. And that doesn’t reduce the stress points for us at all.

The key is that truly everyone has experienced a kind of “instant” synchronicity in their lives right now, but it doesn’t seem to be consistent. It’s great when it does,  it just feels amazing!

So how can we do this? 

Well, I’ve been experimenting with this over the past months… it takes work, awareness, and really taking yourself perhaps more seriously than you have before. Because this is all changing. The past isn’t influencing our future any more…not without our permission and our agreement to keep its memory alive and thriving.

Could it be that we can influence our world with our thoughts?

Welcome to Fifth Dimensional Thinking!

It might sound as strange as Meditation did several years ago. We live in the Third Dimension, how can we think in the fifth dimension? That’s where it gets really exciting! And believe me, a lot of people are working in this Thought Field right now because the effective outcome is so impressive.

This fall, we launch three months of weekly ZOOM calls which will include:

  • Thought Modelling 101
  • Practice of Presence
  • Awareness Practice
  • Shifting consciousness
  • Letting go of Control (the other C-word)
  • Acceptance as a practice of allowance
  • Accelerated tools for change
  • Move beyond beliefs
  • Change what’s important to you
  • Discover the power of your own Authentic Woman
  • Begin to listen with new ears for words that empower
  • Meditation and Mindful practices in every session
  • And seriously…so much more

It’s time! And apparently we’re going to need this tool for navigating our thoughts in the future!

Yes, we just didn’t know it, 

Join me, we start in September! 

The program is 4 – 2-hour sessions a month ( once a week )  through September, October & November…carrying us through the next three months that might just turn around with some Thought Modelling. Are you up for Change?

The fee is $97 a month (e-transfer)

Delivered via Zoom  – Safe Classroom

All materials & handouts included  – This is a first for me, sharing this deeper esoterical work. I’m excited to share this new consciousness with you Contact me for Registration/dates and times.


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