Postpartum recovery sessions

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Post Partum Recovery

How we help you with PostPartum and Post Natal Care:

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For women that are unsure, or have had a legacy of difficult births handed down through their family, these sessions are life-saving. Resume the deep bonding with your baby, recover and resume your relationships with others too. After just a few short deep meditative trances your brain will begin to restore its own balance

If you have the fears, it’s better to deal with these, THIS side of the birthing room, and ensure you have the clear head, mind and heart for your birthing day!

Private sessions, via ZOOM CLassroom or in person are easily facilitiated


Releasing fears

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Hypnotherapy for Post Partum

“The Body Unconscious is where Life Bubbles Up in us”.  D.H. Lawrence.

Traumatic Birth Recovery – 

How can you help me?

Difficult births are possible and do happen even with all the extensive planning and training, it can leave a mother feeling like her birth was not the way she wanted it at all. Taking the time to reframe this early after the birth, allows the mother to regain her balance and focus and stay on task with the many demands her newborn is going to ask of her.

I use hypnotherapy and NLP to assist my mothers in reframing the birth so it empowers new mothers and it does not disturb her emotional recovery and her relationship and bonding with the new infant. Time, patience and healing.

The lack of sleep and interrupted sleep over long periods of time are a sure contribution to post partum issues. Deep Meditative Trances can restore the exhausted brain and provide a useful strategy for both parents during these first few months of interrupted sleep.



If I know of someone struggling, how can I help?

If someone you know is struggling with loss or depression following the birth of an infant, notice the signs and encourage them to get some help. It can make all the difference in their lives and the life of their newborn.

Signs of Post-Partum stress or depression: 

All mothers are tired after the strenuous energy of a birth, however, sometimes it’s more than just recovering from a birth, sometimes things happened that the mom is just not recovering well, sleep deprivation just adds to the stress loads and can very quickly take life out of perspective, creating a surreal and distant connection. This experience is deeply connected to the lack of sleep and because sleep is not coming back any time soon, we have ways to help you restore and rebalance brain chemistry quickly.


To feel safe, as she allows herself to explore her feelings and her thoughts. These two are highly connected and during birth, she is highly suggestible. Therefore, the statements, the looks, the beliefs that she experiences through her birth can often leave her feeling lost, failure and fearful for both herself and her infant.


  • No Joy, no happiness with her infant – the “good enough mother” but not the joy and love in being a mother
  • A “blunted” mother, sad, motionless, fatigued, distant from her baby and her family and even herself.
  • Angry, Unnecessary fears, negative thinking
  • Not sleeping, emotional, and unable to cope with baby’s needs
  • Or fear of leaving baby unattended even for a moment
  • Severe dreams interrupting sleep
  • Not eating, finding everything extremely negative
  • Not showering or maintaining self-care
  • Disinterest in the baby, good enough, but not loving or interested in the infant.
  • Disinterest in the family life
  • Lack of attention when speaking to her, anxiety, not available for intimate relationships
  • Sleeping through babies cries
  • Not wanting to leave the house
  • Shortness of temper or complete lack of emotional response

These can be signs of postpartum depression and are easily attended to without the involvement of drug therapies, which can be harmful to the baby.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help PostPartum Depression?

Not unlike, PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrom, with similarities, operating at a “machine pace” the residual disappointment of childbirth, traumatic interventions,  & fear, overwhelm the mother’s nervous system.

Essentially 3-4 sessions of hypnotherapy will rebalance the new mother’s brain chemistry so that her natural internal system simply “re-boots”.  When we have long periods of interrupted or shorten sleeping, the brain does not release the levels of serotonin and endorphins needed which we generally get during a regular 8-10 hour nights sleep.

When that is interfered with over long periods of time, this interruption can create distortions in the body and the brain.

Hypnotherapy allows the mother to achieve the deep state needed to “re-start” the brain chemistry and after 3-4 sessions over a few days time, her own internal system will come back to its full state.

Kathy Welter-Nichols is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing certified educator and a Post Partum Doula She also provides Labour Support and offers MBMY /training programs for new parents.  604-421-1722  Contact Kathy 


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