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Any use of substance or behaviour that is compulsive and is damaging to the person using it. 


What type of substance?

  • How often do you use it?
  • How much is consumed?
  • Alone or with others?
  • How intense is the experience? Until you are drunk, pass out, black out?
  • Until you pass out from vomiting? 

Your commitment must start with an understanding you want to live differently. You are the only one that can decide this. No assurances from others – that have changed their path or altered their behaviours will make up for a lack of commitment in yourself. It must be 110% I will give my all, because I am done with living this way. 

Even though you may be making this commitment in a foggy state of mind, the deeper part of you, struggling, knows this is what it wants. 

Predictive Model:  The Nature of the behaviour Defines the Problem

  • Start with reduction of use, make this an easy win, just 2 glasses a night and alternate with 8 ounce of water, for a week, even on the weekends, keep to your commitment
  • Exercise – + water increases the cellular flush from the system, reduce the use of other addictive patterns and behaviours, change breaks addiction in half. 
  • Increase the protein,
  • Add Vit B/C Complex 100, xs 3 a day
  • Add in Omega 3 – 4500 2 xs a day + GABA 500mg 2xs a day

Beliefs and behaviours change:

  •                   How are you feeling ? and the next day, reducing use to 1 glass + water
  •                   Reducing the intensity of use and frequency
  •                   What type of drinking have you been witness to in your life? 
  •                   Relationships – currently are they based in the consumptive use of alcohol?

 The deeper self:

  • What’s important to you Right Now?
  • What do you want to achieve with your life?
  • What are your success’s from the past/ achievements/goals completed? 
Women & Girls 001

I can do this

Clearing Toxic relationships – relationships with others may be around the use of alcohol, and even though you may use more than others right now,

When you stop completely, they will experience a pulling back – they do this, even though you don’t. They don’t want the reflection of

Sobriety when you are in recovery. Expect some relationships will change. When they do, allow for the shift into a more insular life for a short time

Sober Living  – the quality of exceptional living  

  • How will you know when you are in recovery?  – When you notice you are not “thinking about it” every moment of the day
  • When your thoughts are more in line with your goals and life style
  • When you are in place with what you want, and are achieving it without the need for distractions through addictions
  • Life choices and styles are less rigid, more fluid, relationships are much easier
  • The ones that are more challenging, you easily allow to slip away, moving into 2nd or 3rd position
  • You allow your emotions instead of trying to stop, suppress or use a substance to distract you

Plan to commit 3 months, 90 days to this, at the completion of this time, a review with another is needed. Someone that supports your recovery fully. Not someone encouraging you drink with them again, or lets go get ice cream. This is a lifestyle change, with choices that support a healthy life.

You  may slip, if you do, if you get convinced by another to try something, stay in first position, where you have more control over your behaviours. This is not the time to slip out of your body and “oh they just wanted me to join in”. You can’t afford this. Alcohol is your weakness and you made it this way. You can never allow it the power over your life again, nor give that power to another human to convince you to just “try it”.

A great way around this kind of pressure, is use your olfactory system, – SMELL it, it’s every bit as enjoyable, and you don’t have to take it into your body.

Kathy & Harry both work extensively with interrupting addictive patterns and behaviours. If you are in trouble and are seeking a private solution to your recovery, contact us today. We also treat drug addictions. We are a private practice located in Vancouver, B.C. Canada 

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