We are not victims without our permission

A Channel from Ishtar, responding to my question about what we are witnessing in the rise of the Divine Feminine Energy :

“With the  issues from Trump and these recent discussions and displays of disregard and disrespect for women, and how it is activating women almost creating a polarization of the masculine and feminine again, certainly evident in both men and women’s behaviours… how do we move through this at this time? how do women let go of all this so we can move through this? We are not victims without our permission.” 

“This is a very powerful question, and a real issue, as said, a catalyst for our times. For what is fascinating with this question and the energy around gender, is that its sitting within a bigger energy  a bigger construct within the masculine and feminine.

We are moving from a masculine energy dominated frame work and structure, and this  isn’t just about males,  although historically that may seem how it is, we are currently literally in an energetic masculine construct. Everyone knows, both males and females, however,  in their gender representations,  have aspects of the masculine and feminine within them. And there is this feminine energy that for a very long period of time,  has been brought down, has been suppressed, and this is not just about females it’s about the decline of the balanced feminine energy, for when one looks at it in an ascended consciousness, once again back to the unified field energy, if you have a predominance of masculine energy and the suppression of the feminine energy, within a unified field, which is the ascension consciousness; they both have to be of equal energetic vibration.

So when we say, the rise of the divine feminine, this is not bringing forth the feminine energy as you have seen in the many decades past, where women are gaining power through the embodiment of a masculine model, so they could be heard.

This is around the rise of this energy to bring it into balance. It’s not one where the feminine gains power over the masculine and suppresses the masculine. We are not looking at  a time where they  flip flop, however, the feminine needs to be in  the rise as a balancing force,  so  that ALL of humanity can vibrate at their fullest with both male and female energy  balancing at it’s highest frequency. For if you look at the male and female masculine and feminine within the totality, the greatest frequency is there for the benefit of all humanity.when both are equally available not too much of one, and not enough of the other.

So these recent episodes brought out in the question, are there creating an expanded awareness, like striking a match, where you can’t go back to the unknowingness  of this there are things there that are so obvious now,  creating a massive awareness and understanding for many men who very much support the rise of the feminine energy. This is not a gender war, it’s about a re-balancing of energies, and what better way to do this, than bring the things that have been suppressed,  that have been hidden, that have been marginalized out into the open for awareness is the catalyst of change, until there is awareness – no matter what it is, nothing can change. So whether the awareness comes from noticing there is a rock in your shoe, and it hurts, until you look inside and see, you can’t change anything until you take your shoe off and see there is a rock there and remove it, now you can change it.

And these are examples of much larger examples of catalysts that have come up right now, for change. The outpouring that has come up right now, is bringing awareness to the inequality of the energy is profound. It’s profound, it’s rippling through the consciousness, so that the Collective Consciousness does not stay the same. It lost it’s elasticity it’s getting stretched beyond the container it’s being held in., if you will. And these are good things. Does it come about from a shocking point of view? yes it does, the ripple out effect is so profound it will not be forgotten again, and energetically it up-levels everything to the next level the next octave. in terms of living in a balanced energy, it will not be marginalized or suppressed again.

And we will say remember you are in either a female or male physical form, remember its just the code of arms you are wearing in this lifetime, however, remember there are many lifetimes, where you switched sides, where you lived as male or female  in physical form, where you might have been the oppressor or the suppressed one, where you had power over, or where powered over others. So this is not about the rightness or wrongness of males and females in their gender roles, endeavour not to limit this time to mere human experiences in their roles over many lifetimes, this is a profound rebalancing of the feminine energy.so that they come into balance, not flipping one upside down again.

It’s so important and it’s required in the ascension process.  (End of Channel)


We might reconsider our part in this now, if we take a second perspective, what if we have indeed been in these other positions?  The rebalancing of this feminine energy within us, as humans, is necessary, it’s time to recognize we cannot go back to an “us and them” mentality, in fact we have all played all roles at different times, both using power and abusing power over others (without even considering the concept of other lifetimes- yes even in this one). What needs awareness now, is the consciousness that this is shifting and we are at a choice point, do we assist, rather than resist? Can we find ways to forgive each other and self. find ways to release oneself from the frequency of judgement and allow the flow of that awareness to help uplift the whole of the Consciousness, as we embrace this “Oneness” ?

This awakening in the feminine is not just coming through women, it’s there in our male counterparts, for they too have long suppressed their own feminine and lost touch with the connection to their own  deep inner goddess within.

We are being asked to participate and partake every day, in every way. All we can do, is do our best, learn from our miss-takes, do them over again,  and refrain from pretending we’ve never treated another in the way we may have felt we’ve been treated. Fall into your humanity, and embrace it with humility and reverence. We are all gifts unto each other, teachers of this divine principal that is now making itself known, uplifting us so that we might all return unto the Oneness.





Mindset – Changing the program

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Do you trust yourself?

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Sometimes its the hardest thing to do!

Who am I?
What do I want?
How do I get it?
How do I stop myself?
What if I don’t get it? What if I do?
What would I have to give up to get it? Maintain it?

Mindsets –

  • I can’t have that
  • He’s too good for me
  • I’ll never be able to get that
  • Words carry energy

You start to believe them And other people start to believe whatever you are saying too

Where to start?

Go back to the start or origin of the story? There was a reason you began to distort, delete and generalize your power in this way. Do you remember why you created this version of yourself? Once a client shared with me, she was quite attractive in High School, and got teased by her brother a lot at home. He would joke in front of his friends, “oh she can get any guy” and they would all laugh at her. So she started to tell a different story to stop/interrupt their teasing. She would say things like “I’m not that, I’m not, I’m fat, I have freckles, I’m not that good in school, I’m not that smart with math or sciences…” and the guys would nod and leave her alone.

After a while they stopped teasing, but the story stuck there inside her mind rolling around. A story to make people stop bullying her, had become her story to share with the world.

Another client shared her father wouldn’t listen to her unless she had a problem, then he would begin solving it for her, and it was always the wrong way. And he always added that it was a lucky thing she had him to figure out her problems for her otherwise she would be lost in the world. At 55, she’s still suffering from this internal “installation” that she is lost without her father’s guidance.

Powerful positive thoughts and feelings far out-weigh the negative ones

Recognize your story, it’s origins, and take back your power from them. Cancel, clear, delete; and create brand new images. Take all the colour out of those images and make them grey, black & white and just blow the dust away. They are not true. You can be attractive and still be smart too. You can solve your own problems and if dad has no other way to connect with you that’s his loss.

Replace negative statements with a single positive word

First get rid of them, use : Cancel Clear Delete or Cancel Cancel Cancel. And just stop the thoughts.

What if I can’t what if I keep thinking them? Notice the minute they start and STOP right there, now do something else to distract you from that thought. Still persisting? Then hear is what you tell that persistent internal voice that is really just trying to help you “So What”. So what. So what.

Inner mantras you can do for yourself right here:

  • I am –
  • I will-
  • I am doing
  • I am being
  • I control my own thoughts, they no longer control me,
  • I am an abundant wealthy millionaire and I feel it in every cell of my body
  • I am in a successful relationship that feeds all levels of growth and potential
  • I believe in myself and my ability to create what my heart desires most

Your thoughts and words match your life, and these are the only ones you tell others. This is who I am. And they are the only things you listen to from your inner voice. Go ahead and connect to the inner voice and those things it sometimes says to you:  “I’m not safe, things are out of my control, I’m suffering, I don’t know what to do”

These are all generalizations, that are deleting true information, they lump all the images and inner voices into one big jam up. And it stresses you and tumbles about in your mind. Go ahead now, and reframe these using the positive reframing:

  • I am safe right now
  • I am in control of my life right now
  • I choose not to suffer in any way
  • I know what to do to help myself right now

Your thoughts and actions create your reality

Make another choice, Right now!

A Great Exercise:

  • 3 goals you want to come into fruition in the next 90 days and then next 12 months
  • What you really want and not what you have been told you should do or want?
  • What are they? List them now
  • Stop, take a breath , relax, what do you want?

A great place to start is what is your dream for your life?  What is it? What was it – if you have to go back, what did you want to be when you were seven?

Want to change this? Contact me. We’ll get it done together.




Change …


Change is  the only permanence we truly know. 

Nothing stays the same, everything is constantly moving, changing and shifting, like the great tides they are never the same, nor are the grains of sand the tides move.

Meditation in our daily lives can help us change the patterns and beliefs we sometimes tell ourselves are “permanent”.

IN FACT, meditation helps us observe the impermanence of everything.

If we bring our focus to something, it’s already moved, the moment of NOW is illusive, try and hold your focus in NOW… NOW…NOW…How about NOW?

It’s always moving, no two breaths are the same, no two fingerprints, we are change, we are it’s awareness and we are what marks change. We have the capacity for memory, and that gives u the awareness of change and how it moves through our lives. Have you been able to include meditation in your life? Helping you expand consciousness yes, and all the other wonderful things it brings to our personal mind and body? Meditation is a gift to ourselves that continues to give back to us, all day long.