Dream Mastery Workshop with Kathy

At a time when dreams are so powerful…this workshop will deliver tools to help you navigate the interior landscape and more than that, communicate like never before with your own deep self.

Developed by Fritz and Laura Perls, Gestalt therapy derives many of its theories from Gestalt psychology, although the approach to therapy does not completely mirror Gestalt psychology. Gestalt psychology emphasizes that the brain is a self-organizing, holistic unit that is greater than the sum of its parts, while Gestalt therapy emphasizes the present moment and personal responsibility. Gestalt therapy also incorporates aspects of Freudian and Reichian psychology.

Gestalt therapy is considered humanistic-existential psychotherapy and emphasizes the present moment. The practice uses cognitive insight into current experiences, and stresses mindfulness, encouraging a client to explore creativity to achieve satisfaction in areas of life that may have otherwise been blocked. The basis of this approach to therapy is the individuals own awareness of behaviour, emotion, feelings, perception, and sensation.

In other words,  you are the creator, narrator, and navigator of the entire body of work we call dreams

The focus of Gestalt therapy is on relating and communicating with the part of ourselves that often we are most nervous about.

The Key Components of the approach include:

  • A strong emphasis on the individual. There is nothing to tell the client how or what to do or act. There is no translating for you, this is you communicating with your deep consciousness. Instead, we emphasize the power of the inner dialogue, and you, the attendee aiming for increasing authenticity.
  • Balancing data and subjective experience.    Rather than prioritizing one source of information over another, we emphasize the helpfulness of all types of information, a practice sometimes called phenomenological awareness.
  • A person is more than the sum of his or her experiences.  Like the theory for which it is named, Gestalt views a client as more than a collection of experiences treating the dream landscape as a dynamic interactive dialogue in a constant state of change and evolution. We draw on a variety of useful existential theories in viewing dreams as perpetually reaching and adding new circumstances and evolving their behavioural repertoire.

There’s never been a better time to create a dialogue between you and your deep self! The rich tapestry of your life is constantly shifting and changing based deeply in values and beliefs.

Using strategies and techniques Gestalt helps us access the deeper meaning and so quickly, without taking on anyone else’s interpretations or translation. That’s right because it’s all right there in your own psyche that has actually been talking to you from the very beginning!

Join us for this Deep Dive into Dreams!

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