Gene Keys -Vancouver Study Group

Gene Keys by Richard Rudd

‘This teaching is an arrow through the heart of your Reality. 

It will shake you to the depths of your being.

It will show you the vast, unrealised potential

that for aeons has slept inside you.’ Richard Rudd

After 5 years of Study and becoming an Ambassador, in the Ambassador’s Circle with the Gene Keys, I’ve experienced the “transmission” of the Gene Keys itself. It’s a lifetime’s study in contemplation and meditation to come to know the one person you have always longed to know the best, yourself. The Gene Keys are not easy they deliver clarity and truth that cannot be avoided. Taking this step into the nature of who you truly are is both a gift and an initiation. As Richard Rudd says “Dare to be Devine”

Join me for this Gene Keys, Study Group into Golden Path this fall.

Gene Keys by Richard Rudd

The Gene Keys are the transmission given to Richard Rudd, and those that are part of the Global Organization – the Gene Keys Society are all part of its current participation and distribution. This is not a Lecture, nor is it a Training, or Teaching, for I cannot know your life experiences or your life’s work or purpose, however, deep within YOU DO and the Gene Keys provide a path to discovery that is unlike any other you have ever experienced.


All programs Via ZOOM,

This unique study group once created will spend a few months moving through the inner landscape guided by this powerful transmission of the Gene Keys

If you have ever wondered at your life’s deeper purpose, the meanings behind events, and how those experiences have shaped your beliefs and values, this is the program that brings it to LIGHT. 

As a Gene Keys Ambassador, I felt the transmission during my months of early study and even more so as I contemplated and observed how I really could shift and change old patterns and in fact, each moment of my life is a teacher, with deep wonderful gifts to reflect the nature of my life’s journey. 

One of the most powerful programs of our times, illuminating and enlightening! 

The NEXT EVENT – Deep Dive Into the Venus Sequence 

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