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Grief is work. Losing a loved one to an Eating Disorder can feel simply overwhelming.

As a Bereavement Therapist may I offer, this is a time of patience, with yourself and the many stages grief will take us through.

It’s important to find your way through daily connection and ritual until the deeper emotions begin to ease. It will get better.

As Helene Larivee shared, it’s like a Tsunami, as the emotions take over you. First, it’s shock, sadness, emotional pain and sorrow.

Then bargaining, what if…? Blaming self, others, a system that failed…none of it changes what is.

Anger can be deep and just as painful. Anger is often the emotion that helps us stay above the waves until recovery begins.

Acceptance comes, and even then, every day, every special occasion…

I’ve created these ZOOM GROUPS to help people find connection through these times. Both Helene & Stephanie shared how much talking about their loss helped them.

Contact me for more information- these sessions are 1 hour long and are set for 4 consecutive weeks. The groups grow cohesive energy of support so when we complete you have new connections to support you too.

Remember children and extended family members need to share too remind the children you are just sad and will in time feel happier again.

What we cover: Coping strategies, when sleep and depression seem to overwhelm, blaming and fighting in the family, what should be shared with the younger children? What if one family member is not coping well?

When you know you have been needing to help yourself, this is the place to do it.

We’ll find the tools to help you and your family move forward.

Contact me here.

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