HypnoBirthing Prime Directive

Part of the Hypnobirthing model is to Edit fear of the birth experience for the new to be parents. There is a piece here most seem to miss, you see the woman is birthing herself at the same time. What? Yes. The deep Psyche knows this, she’s had 9 months to prepare for this transition, however. let’s be real there are lots going on in those 9 months. So now, she’s on the precipice of birthing her baby AND herself as a mother. There is a psychological shift in consciousness underway and the uneasiness is part of this.

Will she be a good mom, will she know what to do when the baby is crying all night, what happens if she can’t? What will her life be like, what happens to her career, will her partner know how to support her and help with the baby or will he be exhausted and bail? What will happen to their relationship? This is the precipice she finds herself on?

I love the Birth Pool as a primary metaphor – She enters the birthing pool essentially the Maid, she’s not known herself as the primary caregiver for another life. When she emerges from the birth pool, baby in arms, she has now birthed herself the mother of this infant. Birthing herself into Being a Mother, into the next phase of her journey as a woman. In the HypnoBirthing model we unravel these deeper fears and release them into the place they came from, knowing full well, this woman, like all women, has the capacity to love this much.

FEAR – it’s the enemy of the birth room.

How about FEAR = F alse E xpecations A ppearing R eal – you know why these fears are not real? Because you haven’t had this baby yet. So all those fear stories and negative worries and what-ifs – really don’t apply to you, or this pregnancy or this baby. It’s ok for you to let them go and remind yourself any time anyone is downloading their negative soundtrack on you, you have an easy out- Bathroom break! We all know women need lots of pee breaks during pregnancy, so you just take one!

Expectations around your birth experience can get loaded with negative imprinting from others, their birth experiences, their beliefs, even the helpful advice of friends, family and even the care providers. They want you to be ready. However, when it comes to FEAR, we can also look at this as F eeling E xcited A nd R eady! Hypnobirthing prepares parents to dispel negative fears and worries, and to hold a positive mindset together with a positive expectancy “things always work out for us”

No Fear, we’re doing this!

Fear, what can that do during pregnancy?  Releases Adrenaline, or Catecholamine, Fight or Flight hormones which generate– high anxiety and stressors, and these can take 20-40 minutes to be reabsorbed by the system! 

In the wilds, a birthing wolf can stop labour for some days through this release of adrenaline. It allows the mother to get to a safe place to have her babies. It works the same for us. If we have fear, then the labour is not going to progress smoothly and in a relaxed way.

What we want is mom, calm, peaceful and assured, uninterrupted in her process warm and comforted.

Fear – Tension – Pain   &   FTP  = Failure to Progress…..

RELAXATION & deep breathing releases the positive chemistry in the body, the most important one being OXYTOCIN…

OXYTOCIN:  Oxytocin is also the chemical that creates BONDING…it’s the falling in love stuff and during birth, it is at optimal levels

In a woman at birth allows for this falling in love with baby instantly on sight!  And because of the mirror neurons in the baby, the infant will mirror the release of oxytocin too and fall right back into love with mom!  

Babies love their mothers close, they love their play, they love the exchange, they laugh without thought, without judgment, without anything more than mother close and sending those loving thoughts. They love her smell, and her look and her touch. Baby’s love their mothers! “You are the centre of my world”

An infant holds it’s a mother there, as all else is simply the passing parade.


Fall in love with your birth and your baby it’s just an amazing transformation for you – You are becoming a mother

This is as simple as it gets – you relax, have confidence in your birth partner and your birth team and the big muscles of the abdomen receive the benefit of Greater circulation plus Oxytocin to aid in the thinning and opening phase of birth


The more relaxed and uninterrupted mom is, the quicker the birth and the easier it is on both mom and baby.

It’s this simple. Really they don’t know to be stressed or worried or fearful, they are just having a baby!

So it just progresses… Generally, it’s been my experience where the mother is supported, feels confident in herself, her preparations, her body, her baby, and her Birth partner and team, she has a great birth experience. 

It’s happening all the time so I always suggest when people want to tell me their scary stories and why birth is so bad, I just say “well that’s true for SOME women, but not all women and it doesn’t have to be your story now”

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