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Bulimia is something you want to stop, it’s an addictive habit, and it’s undermining your health and happiness and destroying your sense of confidence and success; you know that stopping this destructive addictive behaviour will improve the quality of your life in so many ways.

Take a moment here and write down your current state. What do you believe about your current situation? What do you want right now? What stops you from getting that? How will you know you have achieved what you want? Is there anyone in your life right now that does not support your recovery?

“Eating to live and not living to eat”: The new plan. One that works 100% of the time, you won’t really have to think about it much at all, soon you will notice you are not obsessing about food either, in fact you won’t even be thinking about it.

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Meditation & Mindful Practices

Objections we hear often: 

“My bowels don’t work properly and that’s always been a problem. I feel bloated. My clothes are too tight. Eliminating doesn’t seem to happen often enough or in enough volume. I’ve used so many laxatives. I’ve really damaged my bowel and I need help or otherwise I have pain, bloating and get really nervous about weight gain. I already have a way I choose to eat, and it works for me. I have my good days, I know what they are and how to do this, and I don’t want to start another restrictive program. I’m afraid if I eat this much, I’m going to gain weight.”

Bulimia starts with a strategy of restricting food over long periods of time during the hormonal teen years when the brain is already undergoing massive changes affecting personality, emotional development and the physical body. As teenagers we think everyone around us has it all together, they seem to have this figured out. We feel like we don’t fit in, and our clothes seem the reflection of that feeling, they don’t fit us from one year to the next. If we opt for an addiction at this age, we entrain belief that can last a lifetime, and it’s based on experiences during times when our brain was undergoing massive changes and we felt powerless to affect our immediate experience.

It starts innocently enough with a diet to lose weight. “This is a way I can control, my body’s weight gains, and it seems to get everyone’s approval too”. We have all done it and that’s testimony to the billion dollar diet industry we have today. Any self-help section in any book store will produce the latest fad diets and ways to lose a quick 10 or 20 pounds. When we feel we don’t fit in, are awkward, make mistakes, parents and siblings are no support; we think what if I lost 50 pounds? In fact how thin can I get?

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Chasing Hunger – the Book

With no clear exit strategy in place, excessive restricting of calories goes on and on and your brain and body are now triggered into “starvation mode”.

No matter what movies you watched, books you read or suggestions from others; CHASING HUNGER is simply no way to lose weight.

What changes would have to happen in your life? What about your relationships?
Who would be in your social life?
How would finances improve?  What changes in your health?
Would you change where you live?
What would change at work or school? What do you really want your life to be like?

 Releasing Fear
Releasing Fear – MP3 Recording by Kathy Welter-Nichols

Bulimia and Fear
The ramped fear of weight gain is legitimate, if anyone ate what you ate every day, they would surely gain weight. You however, eat far more than your body can use or handle in a single meal, vomiting is the only option, however, you know you often eat something, and think, “do I want to keep that?” if the response is no, then just eat more, and vomit it all up. Retraining the food processor and connecting to what the body’s actual needs are again are simple. Eating six small meals a day, protein rich and recovery is assured. The fears of weight gain melt off you, just as the bloating and swollen face will as well. All these side symptoms are the result of the bulimic behaviour along with hormonal changes, damage to teeth and gums and damage to essential organs like your heart.

Three small meals a day, three small snacks in between

Use portion sizes that are right there in your hands Thickness and size of the palm of your hand for protein size One cupped hand for size for cooked carbohydrates
Two cupped hands together for veggies or raw salad portion sizes
Protein rich eating proteins first
Eat between 7 am and 7 pm daily to optimize your metabolism

Avoid junk sugar – read your labels and clear your kitchen of junk sugars

Eat vegetables and fruit as they contain the whole glucose molecule needed for your brain

Exercise 3-4 times a week, 20 minutes is all you need, more is not better; it’s often just more

Lots of water daily (6-8 glasses)
Avoid the use of alcohol and drugs, they cloud your thinking and carry the wrong energy vibration for your sensitive nature. They will also increase cravings and sugar sensitivity

80/20 rule – 80 % of the meal, the day, the week the month, follow this balanced eating plan; 20% of the meal the day, the week the month, you have room for deviations. This creates balance and flexibility reducing ‘all or nothing thinking’ and getting you out of “rule bounded thinking” of measuring, weighing, and restricting behaviors that challenge recovery

Listen to the MP3s and Cd’s
Join a weekly yoga class or meditation group

Overcome Bulimia – By Kathy Welter Nichols – 2 CD Set

Shop from a list, eat before you shop, eat before you eat with others

Personal meditation practice Set up a space in your house for daily meditation This signals the brain for meditation & relaxation which offsets stress hormones

Adopt an inner re-frame that Food is Fuel, Food is just fuel, I eat to live, and I don’t live to eat. Take your supplements

Be kind to yourself – re-frame anything negative that is harmful to your progress  Smile in the mirror at least 3 times a day

Practice: Use your “thumb & finger anchors” for good feelings every day
Gratitude and thankful every day and in every way

Book & Card Set to support your recovery

“And just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, She turned into a beautiful butterfly”