Mindset – The program


Mindset – Workshop

The Complete 90 day program

Together you and I work out what you want, then we plan this as we work our way through all aspects of this vital Mindset Program: Health & Relationships, Body Image, Self Acceptance, Forgiveness, & Living from Gratitude, healing relationships, find that new job, task oriented this high performance coaching model is focused on helping you get what you want.

  1. What do you want? Lets look deeper at those goals, is there an inner catch 22 that is holding you back? We’ll find it.
  2. Build rock solid self confidence, utilizing perceptual positions and Circle of Excellence, we’ll create this just for you
  3. Changes to relationships will happen as a matter of course, when we shift the inner self, everything starts to move.
  4. Find better ways to secure your dreams and implement those changes now.

BEFORE YOU START – Here’s what you get:

  • Mp3s and audio files
  • Unlimited Text and email correspondence
  • Work books in Word.doc format suitable for Mac or PC
  • Weekly Skype Sessions, with Kathy, focused 100% on your personal mindset changes

Work from home, when traveling, or at night –

  • We use the computer, iPad, iPhone, and Skype systems to support this work
  • This kind of one on one coaching program can be found out in the marketplace at huge prices. I saw one quoted the other day at $20,000 USD
  • And while I know many won’t have the courage to reach that level of commitment-
  • Your commitment can make this really work for you now. Enough with the old / labour intensive courses/ training/ etc.
  • This is FUN, this is creative, this gets you want you want!
  • You will make a personal impact on your world, taking with you all the skills and tools you will develop here
  • You will change the way you interact, you will learn skills that motivate yourself, and simultaneously discount and remove those that don’t
  • You will install your own deep inner mindset that filters these low level comments and have the tools to reframe your thoughts instantly
  • And Now for the deal of your life:
  • This program is available to you today three full months of working extensively on yourself,
  • shifting and changing with tools and guidance to help you
  • 90 day – 3 month course – one hour a week,  Skype Time
  •  meditations & guided visualizations
  • 3 comprehensive modules, goal setting, confidence & overcoming challenges
  • Pre training interview with Kathy
  • The Monthly Modules are sent out at the start of every month, and we review the contents, structuring the program to fit your needs
  • There are 9 in total, three each month
  • You will need 2 hours a week to review and achieve the personal mastery in the module and finish the homework

Brilliant! Sign up today, booking now for September – November 2016

Mindset work is the continued self work that takes you to levels of personal fulfilment, personal enhancement and life mastery  and is a life commitment.

If you aren’t working on yourself, who are you working on?

Some testimonials from others:

“What a journey! I am so grateful as I stand here today seeing through this completion and ready for the next steps my life is going to take now”

“I stated at the beginning of our work, I wanted all areas of my life to be successful, today I am extremely excited to say that this process has given me so much more than just a sense of success, I have manifested Joy and Love into my life in an extraordinary way – I never expected this was possible”

“I have changed my life, I have changed”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and the deepest parts of my soul for your guidance and support”

“I thank you for the reminder that the stability comes from within. The connection I made with you, will stay with me forever.”

“You helped me create an inner beauty within myself”

“I cannot un-know that love is all there is, and perhaps this is all I every needed to know”. 

“Thank you. I will do this. You are amazing ❤️”


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