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The journey is ever unfolding, and the experiences now, bring to your own awareness much of the learning and teachings that you have been through this lifetime as well as many others, heightening this moment of awareness, and focused participation in your own journey.

There can be a selfless excitement about the journey, at all costs, everything becomes subjugated to the journey itself, but this again is a polarity and you must bring this back to balance, for it means  there is  nothing to roar through the experience and never integrate it fully, time, process, moving with slowness so you can savour every droplet allows for the experience to fully integrate.

Many of the processes out there today, individuals endeavour to make a drive through weekend experience. And humanity is capable of this, however,  it also deprives the experience of the individual,  the opportunity for integration.  Instead it’s a stamp in a passport , I’ve been there and done that, and it’s not integrated, the experiences  are in the savouring of awareness.

As we apply this thinking to 5th Dimensional Thinking :

This is abstract in theory, and yet it works effortlessly, and almost without thought, beyond thought, in fact thought stops the process.

Manifesting, and fifth dimensional thinking, focus and clarity, so you may manifest that which you seek to do, using 5th dimensional consciousness as an altered state, and as was given to you, in the non-physical realms and accessible in the 3rd dimension.

The fifth dimension, opens a stream of awareness, and this information has now been shared through many in this hierarchy of knowledge and yet it resonates best if you understand the process through the geometric patterns forming a consciousness unto themselves as well.

Chi: is the totality of the vibration of Chi – it resonates in the 5 dimensional point, the essence of chi is the life force, in the 4th dimension, there is the potential for moving beyond oneself through the 5th dimension, made available and innocently enough and many working with 5th dimensional thinking on a day to day basis.

Altering time is a co-creative of 5th dimensional process, in this dimension, time is irrelevant to process and function, yes therefore not bound by the same rules, or limitations as you would experience in the 3rd dimension.

Bring yourself fully to the gateway of knowing that knowing shifts the 4th dimension and is the 5th dimension gateway that brings it to manifestation.

When you apply focus and intention and co-create with another, the application of the 5th dimension is the spark that ignites and manifests and creates the knowing, that this to shall come to pass, it will occur, and knowing, is different from believing.

Knowing changes or shifts your consciousness from one state to another;  desiring, observing,  constant monitoring, and shifts to seeing yourself in it, or with it; and now the event is complete. Knowing is completely different from believing, a different vibration is held within the body. Knowing is the manifestation encapsulated before the event occurs, and there is no need to monitor, observe, seek or pretend an unnecessary anxiety that collapses the possibility. This is the back and forth of the create/cancel recipe. And knowing the power of polarity in consciousness, you can cancel creations of the mind.

Down to the simplest format: the parking spot, and see yourself driving around, chasing, and feeling “I have to have a parking spot” as you shift from this state of wanting, desired, and feeling hopelessly disempowered and beating yourself up with comments like “why didn’t I leave earlier, I’m going to be late again”  to seeing yourself in the inside at the meeting …and the parking spot opens up. Almost magically you are in the meeting and you look at the time, and you are actually a few minutes early.

It’s how to navigate busy traffic, while on your way to catch a plane, and all time, would tell you, you cannot possibly make that flight and you are still in traffic and should be at the gate, and you know it’s impossible to make that flight, and you shift your fear, and consciousness, from that state to the state of being on the plane and buckling up in your seat.

There is too much ground to cover, but knowing you will make that flight, changes all the dynamics of time. As you change the dynamics of time, and bring it into a known awareness that you will make that flight and project yourself onto the plane, you will, essentially, stop time, and you will make the flight. You may even find yourself at the gate before they begin boarding the plane.

A moment of physics, because you know that time could not be stopped on the planet, it’s an ever moving structure of consciousness and yet what says you cannot move faster through time than time is moving? You’ve only to think of the problems in a different context, and quickly it shifts.

Another example of thought disabling your ability to manifest the desired outcome: 

If you have a static state within you, that rejects the trappings of money and finance, if it stops you in the play and you reject it, within your own entrainment with belief strategies and structures, I am not good with money, I miss-manage money, I never have enough money, I never will have enough money, I don’t think about money correctly, I have a fear of accumulating money, I never get ahead, rich people are not spiritual, rich people are criminal,

Any of these beliefs serve to help your knowing that money (currency) is best left to others. So you can tag yourself to someone with money and enjoy the benefits of their money, and then maintain your strategy that I do not do well with money, I have no money, and struggle within the confines of that awareness.

Affirmations won’t change beliefs

If this is something you truly want to change, you must start with the core and work up, affirmations at this level simply do not work. For the very reason that the most innate part of you has already rejected the core strategy. There are people on the planet that Only have to think about the money and it’s there, and they have no qualms about accepting the funds and working with it, utilizing it, and using it to make more money. They are not in guilt, shame or trying to give it all away as quickly as it comes to them. They are not fearful of what others think of them, and most profoundly they do not harbour inner miss-matched energy that would cause them to toss the money aside should it ever arrive at their door in sheer terror of what that might mean to their core values and beliefs.

They just receive it, store it retain it. They have an inner belief system that is connected to the experience of receiving these funds in the past, and managing quite well with them. They can stop playing games of bringing money, only to have it hit against the flow of currency being rejected.

This is 5th dimensional thinking in full awareness.

A person operates in their world, with a belief that anger is effective, so they hide it because it was beaten out of them, so their first reaction is to reach for anger, and then endeavour to make that the result of someone else’s behaviour . Their first reaction was to reach for anger, it’s effective, but I must hide it, because it was beaten out of me, and I should not use anger. So they are caught, and they are in a never ending wound.

You seek to manifest a great deal of money, clearing the house at the base  of these beliefs is critical, a metaphor. You must clear out the thinking patterns that are contrary to your desires, otherwise you sit and rage and rant and complain, however, if you place your focus on earning a lot of money quickly how could it not come to pass?

There is more currency available now, and people just keep creating more, more strategies to get people to give them their money. There is enough, just what do you believe? What do you tell yourself? What do you maintain as your strategy for receiving and giving?

Just open your hands and declare I’m willing to receive. in avalanches of abundance.  

What if you want to add in:  in the highest and best way for me, and honest way, and I want to be able to part take and utilize the money? What if you add My Money? What if you add in only…under what circumstances? Would you say these are limitations to creating? 

When this operates, it’s only a time when it will be coming to you, and notice there are no adjectives around hard work, earning it, educational requirements that’s all the trappings of the beliefs, that others support, otherwise you are not entitled to have the money, and have fun with the money, and enjoy the money instead you will hoard, or regret, or refuse to spend the money. You will not have fun, you will instead be one of the people that complains daily about what a challenge it is to have money and how hard it is to have so much money and how much work it is to have this much money…

None of it is true. Money is changing hands all the time, as an energy, as a currency, you are part of the flow, whether you want to be or not. So form the 4th dimension, place your focus on the co creativity of financial success, and paying off debt, securing what you have and having the funds to what you want.

You don’t have to have some project or some form of work to do all that, you just simply have to be clear about what you are creating and what you will receive. If it hits into this secondary belief system, that rejects funds, refuses funds, doesn’t feel good about funds, without hard work, without sharing, without spending wisely, without all the rules of having money, then that becomes an exercise in futility, because money comes to you, and you give it away, and the deeper values and beliefs are affirmed, you prefer to live moment to moment, without money, and look how well I’m doing that.

You prefer to live in the struggle, rather than in the flow of the currency and allowing it to flow to you, to make it easy for you to enjoy your life, be relaxed in your life and step into your life, without having to explain to anyone, because no one cares,

That success will bare itself. You can have it in your mind the numbers you want in your bank account, and you can begin to manifest this. So your new strategy is to examine where you spend your money to give it away, to people for things that clog up my mind, clog up my house, interrupt my flow, cause me to stay in poverty and be under the burden of great debt.

This continues this flow of consciousness. Stop time, practice there, it’s effortless, become vigilant with exercising the thoughts which increase the flow of currency into your accounts, talk in ways that increase funds, when people offer things for you to do, accept it right away. Say yes.

Just as you have in the past few times. “no I will do it this way” and other person is coming in with their comment ? and you created it. The more you do it, the more evidence you build, the skill you build, and the more you can say to many people to come and do the training.

One of the limitations practiced is that so long as we have money, there is no struggle, without the struggle, there is no motivation, so there is none to help you go to what you want. It’s part of the undermining to keep things in this tight function. It’s part of the 5th dimensional consciousness and you are already doing this, so getting clear about what you really want, and then get clear about how you stop yourself, is the critical component, and what you are trying to achieve with it, there is no sense in desiring to make the flight, and then thinking you won’t. You will indeed be stopped somehow, that’s how powerful your thoughts are.

There is no point to wanting money and then refusing to accept it once it is offered. Just say yes. It’s just energy.

If you opened to receive the amount of energy you hold in one single channel, and were ready to receive that amount of currency into your bank account, with no restrictions or limitations, you would experience vast wealth.

What stops you: Guilt, Shame, Explaining yourself? Having to give some to everyone? Sharing?

What stops you from just saying yes, and having a life of exchange with the flow of it all.

Stop pretending when you apply your thinking to this application you can shift your state of mind to something completely different, you can live in a world where everything is open and available to you, even if it’s not available  to others, because others may not want it. If they did they would manifest it too. 

You might be saying, but I wanted it, I did, I didn’t want the stress of living without funds,

But you did, because you manifested the stress not the money 

When you understand this your potential, indeed your birth right, these patterns shift with awareness dynamically. When you are in resistance to changing the way you see this, then it is your nature to enjoy the state you are already experiencing. You are enjoying everything you experience. If you decide to change it. Change your thinking, to one of knowing. Knowing it’s coming and stop playing games with delaying it and pretending its not there for you. Know it, see yourself in receipt of it, accept it, and be grateful that you figured this out.

This is the essences of Thought Models, as this is indeed 5th dimensional consciousness. Review what you think, because it will make you very uncomfortable to create something you do not want, and you  keep tripping yourself because it’s not in alignment with your beliefs. Its simply understanding the process.



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