Numerology Master Builder 22

Master Builder 22

It seems it has been a bit of a grouchy time for everyone lately. “Change Mode” has struck the Collective and we are all a little edgy. 2018 offered a year of the first in the series of Master Numbers: 11. Things are different clearly not the same as they once were, we all sense this. What’s really changing?

The Great Capricorn Alignment – in January 2020.  2020 is a “22” which is the second in the series of Master Builder Numbers and shows up now for a full decade. We will not be the same after 10 years with the Master Builder.

What to expect?

Remember 2018? It had its moments for most, recognizing there was a new connection, an opening to just how much our thoughts seemed to be affecting our reality. I know we’ve all heard the Law of Attraction proclamations that our thoughts are somehow affecting what we are experiencing, and yet, it seems its much more than just THOUGHTS. As we magnetically charge those thoughts with our emotions we push them into manifesting. This means we have to really know what we want and stop playing that we don’t.

Every Word Matters, especially when it’s declared with a charged magnetic emotion!

Just as well we can’t create the elephant in the room from our thoughts. And now I look over to my Ganesh sitting at my feet with a sense that maybe, could it be …we are at the place where manifesting instantly is truly here!

“Could it be…?”

2018 – this was a warning flag on the play, that’s the yellow flag. Not red, not a full stop, however, a caution, just the same. And just when we thought things were moving along and we could drift back to our mindless thoughts and engage in following the newsfeeds and FaceBook pages, we found ourselves experiencing even higher levels of charged emotions – like FEAR and feeling heightened states of ANXIETY. Then we find out all these entertaining news feeds are also twisted and feeding emotional currency into our highly sensitive emotional fields. declaring effortlessly, “I don’t watch the news so I’m safe” Not so fast! There’s no place less reliable than News on FB & media sites…it helps us question even deeper our beliefs in the new and reporting that has been providing us with our beliefs and values over decades now.

Maybe this helps explain why we have a Donald Trump around just now to teach us that anything we hear on the outside is most likely just as he named it “Fake News”. So where do we go for what’s real? Especially if we have been convinced over our lifetime to disregard the inner source of our wisdom?

We just can’t trust ourselves, can we?

What are your personal demons? Those feelings? What gets you into that heightened state of heart racing and shallow breathing? Hey, we’ve been loving this since we were kids at the Saturday movies. Kids today have these films loading instantly on YouTube and various movie channels. We can trust our feelings of fear and anxiety, we know how to generate those feelings.

What are these thoughts driving inside us?

The 11/2 vibration in 2018 was the beginning of the Master Builder Numbers fro 11-99 For those of us that have actually volunteered to return to “awaken” at this time and help others remember who they really are, and the power they are creating – we’re finding ourselves deep in the vibration of inner work.

Who am I? What am I doing here? What is my real purpose?

I can create money, and material objects and I’ve had loads of fun and opportunities to do this, however, now I just feel exhausted with all this STUFF to cart around and care for. Further, the generations today are so disinterested in housing Grandmothers China and heavy wooden furniture, to the point they are painting over everything if they haven’t rejected it fully to the auction markets. So what were we thinking about acquiring it all in the first place?

What were we thinking?

And that is exactly the focus we must now bring our attention to. Our thoughts are creating our Reality! We’re here – we know we’re feeling terrorized at the idea of claiming that kind of power, and yet we have been using it for decades. Remember that time…when you created something out of nothing? When you achieved the impossible?

We all have a grace bank account, keeping our deposits up during a time of change is probably a great strategy.

Here’s how: Lots of letting things go, learning to manage our own state better, staying out of other people’s business and stop the belief we can control others or even marginally influence them. All these games we humans have pretended to play, they keep us from our real work, manifesting love and living from the heart. 

June 1- December 31 is the six months notice, we have to take action, personal action and shift the old beliefs that it is somehow ok to play in the fear mongering and pretend we are not part of the creative force we are experiencing right now. This is the essential clearing and preparation.

Everyone has a choice – if you are here now, then you chose a path of radical self-regulation and personal change work that would help the whole of the Collective make this turn in the road and avoid the cliff’s edge

Why change?

Why change something just because it’s uncomfortable? For most of us, it has to be nearly impossible to live with before we will make the effort to shift our belief strategies. Whether it be the job, friendships, personal relationships, recognizing many of us treat our pets with greater dignity than we do family.

Change Our behaviour?

We lose it regularly in frustration, anger and judgments of others.  And it seems of late, most especially with others we don’t even know when we are behind the wheel of our car. We forget the kindness that we seek and that we have choices in every moment. We resist doing something different because the way we’ve been doing it for generations is probably the easiest. Addictions abound, more get started every day

Go with the flow, don’t rock the boat, do the eggshell dance, drown our feelings and emotions- numb out our reality – take a pill, and chill, there, that’s not so bad now, is it?

This is the “adjustment” and because we said YES to this timeline in our vast potential of history, we are here to make this shift. We are part of the connection to everything. Finding that stream of consciousness is hard today even if we were told it’s all “fake news” we still are addicted to the habit of “following” something “out there” instead of accessing the inner guidance within, that knows.

Here’s the key – you have all heard most of this before, be kinder to others, live from gratitude, practice forgiveness, and live from an open heart… well, now there is more. Much more and it makes these efforts at choosing a different strategy look like milk-toast.

First, what is coming at us exactly?

A Decade Long series of the Master Builder Number: 22 “2020/22” is what the preparation year, of 2018/11 was all about. It wasn’t an easy year for most, with personal challenges, however, the next decade offers a pearl of deeper wisdom in how to experience your own deep powerful capabilities.

There will be moments for all of us looking at the “same old, same old” with both frustration and silent resignation, and a deeper question inside “do I really want to keep doing this?”

What’s important is critical – we have to collectively get on with it. Forgive what needs to be forgiven, allow, trust, and clear all those things that stop us from feeling real Joy every day.  – all indications are – this is the moment Jan 1, 2020 – and for the whole decade, we are in the realm of the “Master Builder”  with the 22 in every day of every year, – and each month, on the 22nd – we will be in the gateway of 22:22 – in the year 2022 it doubles up even more….we will not know ourselves as the people we once were –

In Preparation for this alignment, we are in a six-month prep zone… a timeline filled with opportunities and possibilities for clearing and observing our own patterns of behaviour and choosing something completely different.

So what do we do now?

First, the 22 is a palindromic number, meaning it’s the same coming as going – What you put in, you will get out… this is the Master part of the Builder sequence. There is 4 times the power and energy in this vibration and 4 times the strength to use on the material plane.

Key words: Cooperation and harmony. Much is asked and much will be returned to you. You won’t be able to manipulate the frequency because this has Divine Will deeply engrained within it.

Accepting your brain has much more capability than you ever thought possible.

Dr. Joe Dispenza shares his thoughts

22 divided by 7 is Pi, which puts the whole Ancestry question on the table once again. When will we let go of our ancestor’s beliefs and values? Is war and not forgetting really useful to help us remember not to fight again? It seems not with the number of wars since and the day to day threat of war from posturing leader. What about the idea of Forgiveness being the Act of Forgetting – and Desmond Tutu’s addition: Forgiving someone is forgetting your perceived right to vengeance and retribution.

(Can we seriously do this? Achieve lasting freedom from the wrongs of the past?)

And we’ll have a decade of 22’s to help us

It’s down to Pavlov’s dog again. And Back We Go!  Pavlov’s dog proved that dogs will learn rather adeptly through repeated action. What are your repeating patterns? Those ones that keep you feeling limited or like a victim? Those ones! Yes, those very ones!

We are not doing lifetimes anymore and then programming our sons and daughters to carry the argument forward generation after generation.

So perhaps it’s not the china and the old furniture we have to say no to but the ideas behind the beliefs themselves – (reminds me of Antiques Road Show and how recently as they adjust the prices set in 2004 to 2019 and watch how the value has dropped in almost everything!)

If you find it super challenging to start your day by engaging with the Quantum field in creating ways that let you know you are part of the whole and not alone or separate, that you could never be that. You have not been abandoned, you are powerful and have access to these higher frequencies right now – and want to know how to use them to help yourself…contact me, I have several programs going right now that can help you achieve this state of realization.

Time for Change – Easily & Effortlessly, Now

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