Our Bodies Know…

Our Bodies know just what to do

A gift to all women as the Duchess of Cambridge leaves the hospital following her births

This is such a powerful shift for women everywhere, to witness an Icon of both fashion and public focus, someone as photographed as often as she is, to reveal to the world the birthing mother is not going to be in her bikini the day after.

Each woman’s strategies for recovering our body after birth can take some heavy hits if we think we have to fit in those jeans again

It takes 9 months for the woman’s hips to move apart enough so she can give birth, and it will take at least that for them to come back. Multiple births will sometimes indicate more time is part of the restoration project! Ultimately, however, with new little ones to run after, and a family to navigate our “birth bodies” resume normal. One of the key areas for women is eating and taking in enough fluids after birth to ensure enough milk is flowing for babies needs. This takes rest and fluid intake with an increase in calories to help the body do what it needs to do. Our bodies are amazing, we have all the technology to be able to do this, however, if our mindset is focused on unrealistic images and ideas from media about how women should look after giving birth, we may create many other problems too.

Like not enough milk, and now needed to add formula.

Instead, choose a healthy mindset and remind yourself your number one focus after birth is maintaining health for your body so it can serve your new infant, both with feedings and be available to navigate the demands of new motherhood.

A wonderful recommendation a treasured Mid-Wife shared with me, is the Mother and Baby Day!

Such a gift and the concept is easy, if mom is struggling, trying to do too much, and is hitting the wall emotionally at the 3-4 day following the birth, this is the optimum time to take that Mom and Baby Day! That’s right, 24 hours you and baby in bed, sleeping together, feeding when they wake, change baby, and ensure someone is there serving mom, food, liquids and lots of encouragement to just rest and bond with baby. Skin to skin time is optimal, and if anyone comes to visit, turn them away for another day. This day is just for Mom and Baby

Use the time to be with your little one and put the cell phone and laptop away, so you and baby can just BE together. One of my great moms took a Mom and Baby Week! If you can do this, it’s magic. Even that one day will give you the added resources to help everything just work better! Optimizing Postpartum Care

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