Seven Sacred Seals Event

Portals to Grace received and transmitted by Richard Rudd

Known as the Corpus Christi, these teachings ripple out into the living matrix of the Gene Keys, bringing into form a sacred knowledge drawn directly from the higher realms. … The Seven Sacred Seals are such an event. In fact, they are more than an event, they are an initiation, in the deepest sense of the word. One of the beautiful signs that this wisdom is opening up inside you is the increased presence of serendipity in your life. Serendipity is a side effect of Grace. You will find that things in your outer life seem to flow more smoothly, and at the same time, your inner world will become more peaceful. your physical body will learn to relax all on its own as you embrace the joy that comes from this increase in serendipity.

The Seven Sacred Seals


Seven Sacred Seals – Richard Rudd

  • A brilliant life-changing experience