Soul Imprints…footprints across time

Dedicated to Mothers & Fathers everywhere who must endure A Soul’s Imprint Moment:  by Kathy Welter 

Some years ago working in hospice I received this rather poignant message: the spirit is filled with light and vibration, seeking, ever seeking to purify and move us higher and higher into frequencies that expand our “Light”While the Soul, a different aspect altogether, seeks, craves, desires the deepest experiences life can offer it. It wants to “feel it”

Perhaps that is why we all seem to gravitate to the “movies” and watch the deep dramas individuals get themselves into and out of.

Facilitating the new “incoming soul” is gentle work. As doula’s, midwives, and HypnoBirthing educators, and those in labour wards in hospitals, we endeavour to facilitate the pregnancy and facilitate “connections” between parents and infant. There may be some healing to do, some gifts to share, some deep connections to make. Whatever comes we’re ready to stand with the families that have chosen us.

Yes, the mother and father are connected, however, the ability for them all to connect deeper is just coming into awareness today. In 2007 two Italian Scientists who found the origins of what might explain much of the early learning strategies for newborns, through “Mirror Neurons” the mirroring effects of what mother thinks about, baby mirrors. They found this might explain the ability for infants to learn the language and fine-tune abilities based on their family of origin. 

During birth this ability to connect with the infant is there present in both parents, they have already begun their Soul Imprints …

So what happens when things don’t go exactly as planned? As challenges present and leave mothers and fathers bereft and grieving. How do we make sense of this?

One of my colleagues at the HypnoBirthing program shared this was a situation she found herself in with a client that had miscarried and was deeply shaken. I often think these kinds of “letting go” can shatter a woman at her deepest level, and so I wrote this following piece for my colleague hoping it would assist, and as it was a long time ago now, I still think it deeply resonates, as these are “soul matters” they are meant to remain eternal.

“When things are riveting like this, I know to look for the soul imprints….that’s places where souls are crossing each other’s internal Maps and leaving little soul footprints…it’s really huge work looking for them, because sometimes it’s so very delicate and elusive, and they can be easily ignored or handled roughly or with anger or fear,  and you aren’t just quite sure, but do know this:

This little one is leaving a soul imprint, tiny footprints across time on this woman’s heart & soul, so even when she leaves her physical heart and body and returns to the “light” herself, she will always have that little footprint on her soul. It’s Grace really, and as a soft breeze,  just enough to lift the gauzy curtain, you won’t remember it until you feel it again and then it will be there…. briefly as it touches the heart and that wee soul’s imprint once again.

We can see them in everything, even difficult and tragic and powerful and moving, and shifting and interlocking and …and…and…

This is the time to look for the Soul Imprint, and if you can’t find it right in the very moment, then look outside the event…If it’s still eluding you, make the circle bigger, keep going, expand your search map even if you have to go all the way back to Source, the Light, the God of all things, however, you want to call it…you will eventually find the Soul Imprint in the experience and the blessing, even in dark moments, there will be blessings….even when it’s most desperate, look for the Soul Imprints because “they” want us to get those. That’s why we’re all here….our souls are here to get these…these are the real work….the essence of our being, the connection to these deeper moments of soul experience.

Parents weeping and saying “Why my son….? Why our family?” At 27 years old, he’ll never walk again paralyzed from the neck down…Soul Imprint time….In those moments that’s when you have to go digging for the gold.  And yes, it’s hard, yes it’s staggering, yes it’s overwhelming; and as so many others look on, knowing they could not go where those parents must go…

A little mother with her 6-year-old, 60% of his body 3rd degree burns, a result of a violent act from an older boy…and she’s stunned looking at her child that is so deeply injured and close to death, asking “why?”   Right then it may be difficult to mention a Soul Imprint to her, however, if you are invited to walk alongside this mother, “heads up” be looking around, there’s going to be a lot of Soul Imprinting go on.

And especially check out the people around these ones….there will be angels descending to walk the path with them for a time. To support them, hold them up, keep them steady and breathing and holding the path. They seem to come from out of the ethers and suddenly are there to simply hold the space while the deepest transitions are underway. And no, these won’t be family members, these are from their individual Soul Families. They arrive and they hold the space and they walk the path until these parents can stand up again, and draw breath again, and hope again. 

The 27-year-old… a Monk showed up at the hospital together with a rather interesting energy healer. They both stayed and worked with the young man and his family for months…then they were gone. The monk taught him how to meditate…how to use his mind to release endorphins and the internal feel-good cocktail!  Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  And the woman energy healer, she taught him how to accept the energy of his body and work with it if he could not move the body.

Then they left their work was done, supporting the transition of the soul through a very challenging time.

The mother of the 6year old boy, she was amazed as the flood of people showed up around her and her son as his healing became a miracle for all that were connected to him. 

Another young mother who had a 4-year-old and a 9-month-old. Her husband organized the sessions, including the trek down from northern BC to heal her broken heart. She brought the young infant, and her 4-year-old stayed at home with her family there. She was distraught, almost out of her mind with grief. Somewhere between the 4-year-old and the 9-month-old, she’d lost two pregnancies and she could not get her head around it. When this pregnancy went to term and she delivered her second son, she was sure he was going to be taken too. She was terrified, and her fear prevented her ability to feed him and yet she would not let others tend to him. The little boy was so thin and she was frantic that she would be the only one to feed him.  Her husband was beside himself, wondering how to “wake” her from this moment. The last straw was he came upon her walking along the road in the freezing temperatures with the infant and had left her 4-year-old alone at home.

Soul Imprinting was underway. As the story emerged from her she was so afraid she was being punished for her youthful behaviour. So sure this infant would be taken, so certain that her 4 year old would meet with early death.  As she sat in her home looking out across the back garden she was certain she could hear the two little ones that had miscarried somewhere in the trees calling to her.

Over the few days, we had together we recovered the lost pieces of her soul. She called herself home and made peace with the infant’s deaths. She decided to return home and let others help her with her children, and in the spring they would plant a garden to honour her babies.

In our last session together  I saw what seemed two small stars, sparks of light – one a little brighter than the other and then they were gone.  As we were completing our work together, she said to me “You know at the very end of that session, I saw these two little lights, one was a little brighter than the other, I felt like it was them saying goodbye”

As challenging as life can be in these moments that test our deepest resolve, we can if we choose, dig deep and allow the souls footprints to Grace our heart. We as mothers, can stand still and allow what must be borne out in some kind of crazy expanded contract, we feel ourselves part of the greater whole, doing our part, holding our lives still so what needs to pass through us, can and does, with Grace.

Even when we are shaking our fist at God for the situation we are in, even when we don’t want to look, there is a blessing…even if we don’t want it RIGHT NOW, it will flood through our senses someday and at that moment, we’ll suddenly see the truth in a rainbow, or hear a song, or see a sunset, or feel that breeze and we connect again with the soul imprint that was trying to reach us, no matter how long ago, we’ll get the message….

….and we’ll grow, Soul wise that is. Soul Imprints are the gold in our experience…. pure gold. While we are mining our gold it can be so intense…as we look around this woman is going to have angels all around her, maybe her practitioner, or midwife and trust you are right where you are meant to be, as you are probably one of those angels that are going to take her through this and guide her to her healing; all the while letting this moment imprint like tiny footprints across her heart forever, held within her soul.  

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