The Birthing Tool Box

Kathy’s: “Birthing Tool Box”

The magic of those brand new toes! 

This MP3 is shared by everyone!

MP3 download length: 34:08 mins $19.95

Guided visualizations for Pregnant Mothers

Making this self-help recording available to everyone…

Creating this for my new mothers was essential. Knowing how hypnosis and deep trance work, it often works substantially better when one can continue to listen to the recording over and over again. Especially as mothers are often very “soft-focused” during pregnancy when it seems remembering the simplest thing is a challenge. Allowing mothers to rest, and restore in the comfort of their own homes, while relaxing and preparing for their birth, just seemed the logical thing to do.

This MP3 recording is everywhere, people share it, lend it, even other birth specialists use it and offer it to expectant moms.

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I hope you use it often, and I recommend starting about the end of the first trimester, and using straight through, daily if you like, and even during birth. By then you might just know it off by heart and for sure your baby will know when you begin to take a deep breath in and relax…

Listen to it during the labour and birth as well, designed to help you relax and allow birth to take its normal relaxed pace.

Birthing Coach and Birth Doula are my specialities… contact me if you would like to discuss some options for your very special day.

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