The Power of Mindful Meditation

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Meditation can be discouraging sometimes we think we need to be Guru’s right out of the gate, otherwise, “my mind is too busy” and the host of excuses can flood in. 

In this 3-month weekly meditation ZOOM Class, we’ll cover and expand on every area of Meditation and Mindful Practices so you have confidence in what you are doing.

Have you already added Meditation & Mindful practices to your life? 

For me, leading meditation classes for over 30 years I find patience is a key component
Its a PRACTICE. Some days its great, other days “I left the planet” while others in a meditation group others are like “whatever”… so it’s MY journey with meditation and not about someone else’s measure or calibration. I’ll also add, it’s really not about my measure or calibration either. (that can become a self-judgement) It’s a practice, I just keep going and day by day, things evolve… 

ZOOM Meditation programs for you!

How do I stop my “THOUGHTS”?
I call it my “laundry list” just recurring thoughts that are always there, I can resume them when I am finished! We’ll learn just how to do this, and apply it during meditation, journalling and sharing notes in our practice. 
Has this happened to you?
Each session we’ll examine different applications of meditative and mindful practices.
  • What does it mean?  
  • How to start?
  • Where to Meditate?
  • How can I practice Mindfulness?
These tips might help you get started right away!
  • Do sit up, feet flat on the floor, (Chi Gong asks we do not CROSS anything as it blocks the Chi Lines from flowing) and hands resting quietly on the knees (Mudras are great, and can signal the brain, as an anchor to a state – and these are powerful after you have meditated long enough to set them at the start and recognize how the energy feels when you do)
  • We’ll learn the different meditation positions 
  • The powerful tools that help your body, mind and deep self connect during meditation!
  • Breath: We are hearing so much about this common theme we all do from the first moment of birth… And it is critical to relaxation, in fact, it’s what triggers the body to relax! 
  • I discovered this powerful mindful tool helping new mothers birth their babies. Wonderful for Meditation. In fact, it’s so powerful that when you use your breath knowingly, with intention during meditation it can double the depth of your brain wave state
  • Using your sensory system: Feel the coolness around your nose, expand your belly to allow for a full intake of air – Just three of these and you are on your way!
  • Just 20 minutes a day Learn how to train your brain to tell time for you! 
  • What if I’m running tons of THOUGHTS? Brain dump? Have you heard of it? We’ll learn how.
  • In the middle of your meditation, The great thing about this is your brain knows just what it’s doing with Meditation. It will teach you to trust in communication with yourself! Wonderful!
  • Double Dipping: a powerful new tool for Meditation
  • Setting Intention: If I’m intending something, will I be distracted by my intention, like PEACE…?
  • Meditating from a distance with a group Experience the real power in group meditation
See you on the INSIDE: Kathy

Some of what is coming your way 

  1. Why it’s More Important than Ever to know you can access CALM for yourself
  2. Destressing to reduce Overwhelm & Burnout
  3. Declutter Mental Clutter- that’s right cleaning up the past with forgiveness and gratitude
  4. Creating Inner Calm Through Meditation
  5. Creating One Small Calm Space where you won’t be disturbed
  6. A Calm & Relaxing Bedroom Promotes Better Sleep
  7. Simple Ways to Stay Calm When Chaos Erupts
  8. Is your WorkSpace stressing you out
  9. Take a Critical Look at the Media You’re Consuming
  10. Is Your Smartphone Stressing You Out?
  11. Quiet Down Your Mind with a Brain Dump
  12. The Benefits of Minimalism
  13. Minimize Your Wardrobe
  14. A Good Morning Routine Can Set the Tone for a Calm Day
  15. Stay Calm at Work by Focusing on One Project at a Time
  16. The Dangers of Multitasking
  17. Embrace Habits & Routines to Feel Calmer
  18. Calming Scents & Accessories that might be useful to you
  19. Change your habits and improve your mindfulness
  20. How Music Can Help You Create a Calm & Soothing Space
  21. Keep a Notebook on Your Night Table & Other Tips for a Calmer Mind
  22. The benefits of Cardio to Calm Your Mind
  23. Why planning your workday is so De-Stressing
  24. Cutting Out Distractions Promotes Calmness & Focus
  25. Embrace the Silence
  26. When is the Last Time You’ve Played?
  27. Use a Gratitude Journal to Practice Mindfulness
  28. Minimize New Acquisitions Going Forward- Less IS more.
  29. Notice what the triggers are, and deal with them –
  30. Time to Wrap it Up & Review Our three months of Creating Calm

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