The Practice of Presence


Kathy Welter-Nichols and Sylvia Tennant have created a Wellness Program focusing attendees on the gifts of the deep self. These experiential evenings will focus on realistic ways to master stress, manage angst, and flow with change. We’ll explore various energetic healing strategies that aid in the maintenance of life’s balance and flow. With deep compassion and presence, we’ll learn the tools to help ourselves expand consciousness and embrace the changes we need to make now. Life is asking much of us, much more than it used to, or perhaps it’s just in different ways, that both surprise and alert us to the changes we are all undergoing. Something has changed and we all sense it. We feel the old methods of communication are breaking down, and that too is as it should be. There is a bigger picture opening and we sense it. How do we access it without feeling we’re coming unglued and fearing our anxious feelings are the truth when perhaps they are simply the signal that change is here, and it’s time to connect to your deepest inner wisdom.

We are beyond the teachings from books and from others. We know our individual journey is calling us to be more than we have been. How do we get there?

What tools do we need now?

Can we trust that our deepest self it leading us to the very place with the very people we’re meant to connect with?

Who are we?

What is important to me?

What stops me from being that now?

Is it within your capability to achieve your deeper connection at this time?

August 12 we are advancing our Practice of Presence and for those that wish to attend contact Kathy directly here for details.

Again, space is limited for this workshop, so sign up today. Look forward to seeing you there!


You can do this, this is where we can help

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